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Aid for people

emergency - clothing- floods - fire 


Centaurus hotels - 30 hotels

Sending a humanitarian convoy of 200 tons of food and basic necessities - 6 donation trucks to the Ukrainian people in March 2022.

Lavorel hôtels - 12 hotels - Lyon 

Association Emma :  Noël Ensemble (help for the elderly) 

Esprit de France - 50 hotels

Donation to La Fondation des Lumières whose goal is to fight against all forms of precariousness in the mining area.(North of France)



Altis hotels  - 5 hotels

Clothing donations to the diocese: In August 2017, Altis Hotels created a campaign to support fire victims in partnership with Cáritas Diocesana de Lisboa, which resulted in the collection of 215 kg of clothing, donated by employees of the Altis hotels.

97 hotels  


Global hotel chain


Update 03 March 2023

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