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Ibis Aix en Provence - Student aid during COVID 19.

Marriott Hotels invests in the integration of young people from the villages, in particular through discovery days presenting the hotel trades organized regularly as well as internship offers in its hotels.

Centaurus hôtels - 20 hotels  - For their 100th anniversary launches the DEFI SOLIDAIRE.  with their employees. Goal: To help finance a hotel school in Côte d'Ivoire. Albar hotels Paris.

Greece - Crete and Santorini

Metaxa Hospitality Group - 3 hotels - Primary schools in Heraklion



Altis Hotels - 5 hotels

Association Casa Pia - Training of young people in cooking, catering and bar.

The Netherlands

Bastion Hotels - 35 hotels

Help the Sunflower Netherlands Foundation - Foundation in memory of Emily. We bring communities together to create a sustainable future. Organization of The Green School Initiative and Good Chance

United Kingdom

Brend Hotels - 11 Hotels

Their Training Academy offers paid training places for local young people aged 16 to 24 who have a passion for the hospitality industry. Apprentices can earn income while learning new skills. Apprenticeships develop skills in customer service, food service and food preparation. Apprentices also have the opportunity to learn their trade and acquire accredited qualifications, under the close supervision of our managers and our training organisation.


Rambutan Hotel in Siem Riep / Angkor - Help for schools in their town of Siem Riep


Tamarind resort - Bali Each client is charged at check out with 2 € to help a local association for the education of homeless children


HHI Hotels - 5 hotels - Training school - Regency Institute.


Sandals Resorts and Hotels - 6 Islands - 15 hotels - The Sandals Foundation continues to promote Gordon "Butch" Stewart's passion for philanthropy by educating local people, providing the tools and funds to pursue goals professionals and implementing initiatives to protect the islands.


Crown Resorts - 3 hotels - Foundation: "To create and support opportunities for young Australians, including through educational programs. Underpinning these priorities are the outcomes of learning, accessibility and engagement for young Australians. young Australians - staying engaged with school and learning is key to positive long-term results. The Crown Resorts Foundation is working with the Packer Family Foundation to build its National Philanthropic Fund. Together they support over 120 organizations .

Tanzania - Zanzibar Island

The Zanzibar Collection chain - 14 hotels - funds the school in their village.

Zuri Hotel - member of Design Hotels - The Zuri community initiatives focus on education, environment and waste management, all promoting a prosperous future for the local village of Kendwa.

115 hotels


Global hotel chain


Update on 07 February 2023

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