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More and more hotels adhere to ECO LABEL or decide themselves to limit the consequences related to overconsumption, water, food , they install solar panels, they secure and manage their waste, limit plastics etc...

The hotels listed below help local associations with donations :


Amber Hôtels - 6 hotels


​​We Care Hotels  - 4 hotels - Mons - Louvain et Lille


Compagnie Française de l'hôtellerie - 20 hotels

The hotels participate in this program and at the end of 2018, 5,622 trees were planted. A strong commitment to reforestation.

Association Plant for Planets

Eklo Hôtels - 11 hotels 

Partnership with Butterfly Tourism (Environmental impact assessment), Too good to go (Reduce food waste) ,  Mes détritivores (Waste recovery). Eklo Hôtels Bordeaux, 5th most ecological hotel in France.

Arteloge - 6 hotels 

Go Green Program (concrete actions for the environment) including the collection and recovery of soap from our hotels, for humanitarian purposes.

Lavorel hôtels - 12 hotels - Lyon 

Green program : 2020. Brings together around ten people working in the various establishments with reflections and proposals that allow all employees to adopt the right actions, so that everyone acts in conscience while respecting our environment.

The Netherlands

Bastion Hotels - 35 hotels

Support to several associations including for example: Help the Sunflower Netherlands Foundation - Foundation in memory of Emily. We bring communities together to create a sustainable future. Organization of The Green School Initiative and Good Chance But also the NGO The Preservation of Nature.


Altis Hotels - 5 hotels

Since 2008, Green Cork has been a project of the environmental association Quercus, which aims to collect corks for recycling. The Altis group has joined forces with Quercus because it pursues the same objectives of valuing cork, as a Portuguese natural resource, by planting these endemic trees and reducing waste. Thanks to the money Quercus obtained by sending around 235 tonnes of cork stoppers for recycling, 200,000 trees were planted (2014 figures).
In 2013, Green Cork was recognized by the European Union as one of the best projects in the fight against climate change within the framework of the competition "Um Mundo que me agrada" (A world that I love).

Association Oléo Torres  : Used frying oils are recycled in all the kitchens of the Altis group, then sent to produce biofuels, paints, greases, lubricants and detergents.
Used soap bars are collected in all rooms of the Altis group and then sent to produce candles, paints, greases and lubricants.


Majestic Hotels Group

The Hotel MiM Sitges is the first hotel in Europe and the seventh worldwide to achieve the LEED certification in the ‘Platinum’ category. This honor is awarded by the US Green Building Council to the most efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.


Rambutan Hotel à Siem Riep / Angkor and Rambutan hotel in Phnom Penh - Help the following associations :

The GreenGeckoproject  , cleangreencambodia ,  plasticfreecambodia , nagaearth , ,   refilltheworld.


Sandals Resorts and Hotels - 6 islands - 15 hotelsFondation Sandals  implements initiatives to protect the islands where their are located.

Tanzania- Zanzibar isle

Chaine the Zanzibar Collection - 14 hotels -  Water - Food - Waste. 


Zuri hotel  Design Hotels member - the initiatives of the Zuri Community focus on the environment and waste management for the local village of Kendwa.

United Kingdom

Brend Hotels - 11 hotels

Sponsor of  South West Coast Path Association  : Britain's longest National Trail at 630 miles.

Kew Green Hotels - 55 hotels

Partner with Rewards Earth  to plant a tree in the UK for every Kew Green Hotels employee to help fight climate change.

In the World

Accor hotels  - Launch in March 2021 - 3,358 Accor hotels around the world will promote UNESCO's Commitment to Sustainable Tourism which encourages responsible practices, community resilience and heritage conservation, with the fundamental objective of changing the nature and impact of global tourism. Support the reduction and elimination of single-use plastics and promote the local economy and culture.



208 hotels      


Global hotel chain

Accor  3358 Hotels

Updated on March 02, 2023

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