More and more hotels adhere to ECO LABEL or decide themselves to limit the consequences related to overconsumption, water, food , they install solar panels, they secure and manage their waste, limit plastics etc...

The hotels listed below help local associations with donations :


We Care Hotels  - 4 hotels - Mons - Louvain et Lille


Rambutan Hotel à Siem Riep / Angkor and Rambutan hotel in Phnom Penh - Help the following associations :

The GreenGeckoproject  , cleangreencambodia ,  plasticfreecambodia , nagaearth ,   onlyoneplanetkh.com ,   refilltheworld.


Sandals Resorts and Hotels - 6 islands - 15 hotelsFondation Sandals  implements initiatives to protect the islands where their are located.

Tanzania- Zanzibar isle

Chaine the Zanzibar Collection - 14 hotels -  Water - Food - Waste. 


Zuri hotel  Design Hotels member - the initiatives of the Zuri Community focus on the environment and waste management for the local village of Kendwa.

In the World

Accor hotels  - Launch in March 2021 - 3,358 Accor hotels around the world will promote UNESCO's Commitment to Sustainable Tourism which encourages responsible practices, community resilience and heritage conservation, with the fundamental objective of changing the nature and impact of global tourism. Support the reduction and elimination of single-use plastics and promote the local economy and culture.



36 hotels      

more 3358  hotels from Accor  


Send us the names of charities (associations) that you help with your donations.


Are concerned: Associations with a philanthropic, educational, scientific, social, humanitarian, sporting, family or cultural character, or contributing to the enhancement of the artistic heritage, the defense of the natural environment or the dissemination of culture, language and scientific knowledge.

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