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Hotel Avenir Montmartre Paris 18 –  Partnership with Emmaus Solidaire for one year from November 2020 until the end of the Covid 19 period.

UMIH 38  - Operation towards the homeless at Christmas 2020

Association Les Hôtels Solidaires - Paris  Redistribution of pastries, soap and furniture to the Parisian Homeless - Partner: Salvation Army. 2 weekly anti-waste collections from 50 Parisian hotels. Since 2018

Atypio Hôtels - 15 hotels 

As part of its CSR - Mercure Tours Sud has collected 62kgs of soap since 2017. Then recycled thanks to people with disabilities from the Adapei Papillons Blancs d'Alsace Association employed by Sapocycle. Used soaps are sorted, cleaned, crushed, heated, filtered and transformed into more than 600 new bars of soap under strict bacteriological control. These are redistributed by associations such as Resto du Cœur, Association St Vincent de Paul

Accor hôtels - Novembre 2020 : Plate-forme CEDA  Coronavirus Emergency Desk Accor - Provides accommodation for the homeless.


Martin's hotels

La Fontaine à Bruxelles -

The "La Fontaine" houses are day reception centers that allow homeless people or people in need of guidance to be welcomed and listened to, to have access to personal hygiene and nursing care, of pedi cure and psycho-social support.

Greece - Crete and Santorin

Metaxa Hospitality Group  - 3 hotels  - Homeless shelter in the Municipality of Heraklion



33 hotels  


Global hotel chain




Update 16 December 2021

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