Hotel Avenir Montmartre Paris 18 –  Partnership with Emmaus Solidaire for one year from November 2020 until the end of the Covid 19 period.

UMIH 38  - Operation towards the homeless at Christmas 2020

Association Les Hôtels Solidaires - Paris  Redistribution of pastries, soap and furniture to the Parisian Homeless - Partner: Salvation Army. 2 weekly anti-waste collections from 50 Parisian hotels. Since 2018

Accor hôtels - Novembre 2020 : Plate-forme CEDA  Coronavirus Emergency Desk Accor - Provides accommodation for the homeless.


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Are concerned: Associations with a philanthropic, educational, scientific, social, humanitarian, sporting, family or cultural character, or contributing to the enhancement of the artistic heritage, the defense of the natural environment or the dissemination of culture, language and scientific knowledge.

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