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Solidarity accommodation



Nexity Real Estate during the construction of a subdivision - A residence reserved for reintegration through housing in each new subdivision. The NEXITY foundation has chosen to support the "Convergence" project of the Emmaüs Défi association, which enables people to be taken off the streets on a long-term basis by placing them at the heart of reinforced and coordinated support.


B& B Hôtels  Negotiated price for students - Weekly package

Insert.toit - Hoteliers are partners of this reintegration assistance association.

Hôtel Elysées Flaubert  -  Collection of € 1 per night for the actions of Solidarity Accommodation.

Hôtel Campanile Paris Ouest - Nanterre - La Défense

Donation of several mattresses to Restos du coeur and Secours Populaire in 2021

Compagnie Française de l'hôtellerie - 20 hotels

With each renovation, the hotels offer to offer their furniture to give them a second life. It is thus several hundreds of pieces of furniture, objects which are given to people by making the request rather than being thrown away.

Madeho hotels 10 hotels

is financing the construction of a hotel in Madacasgar with the help of hotel donations: Hostel du Père Pedro, which will then be entrusted to the Akamasoa association. All profits will go to the association.

Machefert Hotels - 21 hotels

helps the Aurore association, which cares for and accompanies more than 41,300 people in precarious or excluded situations towards social and professional integration.

Groupe Legendre hotels - 26 hotels

is committed to fighting against poor housing with the l'association Lazare. Men's roommates and women's roommates. Half needed shelter, the other half are out of want. They simply choose to live together. A volunteer family is responsible for each of the houses for 3 years.

Lavorel hôtels - 12 hotels - Lyon 

Partnership with Habitat et Humanisme as well as l'Entreprise des possibles.


Martin's Hotels

Donations in kind to the SAMU SOCIAL in Brussels (mattresses, sheets, duvets) -

Help to Le Logis à Rixensart -  Collective accommodation providing education for 35 young people (boys and girls, aged 3 to 18) in a dangerous situation with their families.


Majestic Hotel Group

Support different social projects in collaboration with the private foundation IReS, which since 1969 has been working with groups at risk of social exclusion or with financial difficulties.
• Since 2012, Barcelona establishments have been asking their guests to donate €1 every time they stay. In this way we are giving our guests the opportunity to get directly involved in our charity programs.
• ‘The Solidarity Suite’ is Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona's annual campaign to direct a percentage of the revenue from one its suites during the summer months to concrete projects in this foundation.


Altis Hotels - 5 hôtels

Cercica  and  Santa Casa da Misericórdia  : The Altis Hotels group has a slipper collection, cleaning and donation program intended for social solidarity institutions. Nominated as a Solidarity Project, during the 3rd edition of the AHREPS (Portuguese Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs) awards.

Greece - Crete and Santorini

Metaxa Hospitality Group  - 3 hotels - Heraklion Development Agency (temporary shelter for UN refugees)


Rambutan Hôtel à Siem Riep / Angkor

Since 2018 Reconstruction of the habitat (3000 € per house) following the dry season in 2016

127 hôtels  


Europe hotel chain

B & B hotels

Update February 28, 2023

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