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First encouraging results for the solidarity operation carried out by the Grape Hospitality group in favor of the Association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. 4 children operated.

Ukraine by Centaurus hôtels - 30 hotels

1st quarter 2022: Sending of a humanitarian convoy of 200 tons of food and basic necessities 6 donation trucks to the Ukrainian people in March 2022.

Ukraine by the hoteliers of Clermont Ferrand May 2022: Sending of a humanitarian convoy of 14 full pallets of equipment with 3.5 T trucks: sleeping bags, medicines, anti-inflammatories, military clothing, hygienic products, hiking shoes, laptops, caps, t -shirt...


Let us know your suggestions

Encourage your customers to participate in a donation of 25 cents to 1 € in donation

49 hotels already practice it, some since 2012 and you?

Europe - 25 hours hotels - 11 hotels Support WASH projects (WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene / water, sanitary, hygiene)

Marriott Hôtels et L’opération « You Eat We Give »  In Europe, participating Marriott restaurants donate €1 to the SOS Villages d’Enfants association per meal served.

Martin's hotels - 14 hotels   - By consuming tea and coffee customers actively help three charities (25 cents in the customer's name for each cup consumed)  ,

Majestic hotel Group - 13 hotels

With the private foundation IReS, which has been working since 1969 with populations in precarious situations.

• Since 2012, establishments in Barcelona have asked their customers to contribute €1 for each of their stays.
• «Suite Solidaria” is an annual campaign of the Majestic Hotel & Spa, for which, during the summer season, a percentage of the

   proceeds from one of the suites is donated to concrete projects of the foundation.


Tamarind resort - Bali- Each guest is charged upon departure with €2 to help a local association for the education of homeless children.

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