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Chain of hotels granting donations to associations

FRANCE   out of 315 listed  * :         53             Percentage of 17 %


EUROPE   out of 739 listed *  :        102          Percentage of 18 %       586 websites analyzed     

outside France

*  Hotel chains of at least 3 hotels including investment and management companies.

    901 websites analyzed as of July 29, 2022

49 Hotels practice donation with the help of their customers


Donation of 25 cents to €1 per night or the hotel agrees to donate part of its profits.


France to Madacasgar

Madeho Hotels (10 hotels) with the construction of  " Père Pedro's hostel " by hotel donations - The profits of the hotel are then donated to the Malagasy association Akamasoa


25 hours hotels - 11 hotels - For each reservation made through their site, the chain donates 50 cents to selected associations.

Marriott Hôtels and the operation « You Eat We Give » . Hotel Marriott restaurants donate €1 to the SOS Children's Villages association per cover served

Martin's hotels - 14 hotels - By consuming tea and coffee.

Majestic hotel Group - 13 hotels

•   Since 2012, establishments in Barcelona have asked their customers for a contribution of € 1 per night
•   “La Suite Solidaria” is an annual campaign of the Majestic Hotel & Spa, for which, during the summer season, a percentage of the

     proceeds from one of the suites is donated to concrete projects of the foundation


Tamarind resort - Bali- Each guest is charged upon departure with €2 to help a local association for the education of homeless children.


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