Solidarity building initiatives around the world

   ASIA - Philippines

    Bamboo house "Cubo"





    Awarded in 2018 by RICS (Royal Institute of Surveyors)
    Its creator is a young man of 23 years old Earl Forlales from the Philippines,

    a graduate in materials engineering. His inspiration comes from the bamboo

    hut where lived his grandparents out of Manila. 2018 :  first concrete project.


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   Easy to built and durable

   Cost of the house : 2000 €



Maison bambou RICS.jpg

 CUBO  Bamboo House


1 € per night

stayed in your hotel

 CUBO : Twin room 


The House in 3 D
with the NGO New Story and the company ICIN

This is the challenge that the American company ICON wants to take,
specializing in 3D concrete printing and the NGO New Story,

invested in the development of housing for disadvantaged populations.

First house : March 2018- 60 square meters

in less than 24 hours for a total sum of $ 5,000.
The ICON company wishes to bring it back around
3000 €


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1 € per night

stayed in your hotel

 Icon -   3 D   house

COLOMBIA and south america

The house built with recycled plastic.





Launched in 2016, by Oscar Mendez, a Colombian architect

"We wanted to tackle two major problems: the lack

of housing and the production of plastic waste. It took 12 years

of research to design this building material. These are low cost constructions,

but of quality. They can also be dismantled and

rebuilt elsewhere. It only takes 5 days to build a house of 40 m2

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1 € per night

stayed in your hotel

MADACASGAR - Antanarivo

House construction for peasants Reintegration program - cost of a house.

3500 € with  ONG ASAM - France

1 € per night

stayed in your hotel