25 hours hotels - 11 hotels - Support the WASH projects (WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene / water, sanitary, hygiene) of Viva con Agua. A portion of all online reservations on is donated to the benefit of projects in Nepal but also in India, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Uganda. Online donation possible and with each customer reservation (€ 1) - For example on September 22, 2021 it is € 25,914 collected for Viva con Agua



We care hotels - 4 hotels - funds various local health support associations.


Covid 19 Initiatives

Accor Hotels - Hosting of Covid 19 contact cases and Health Personnel - March 2020: CEDA Coronavirus Emergency Desk Accor platform

UMIH Federation of French Hotel Unions - 13,000 places have been opened in 79 French departments.

Greece - Crete and Santorini

Metaxa Hospitality Group - 3 hotels - 8 associations funded

Panhellenic Association "Frodida" for people with cerebral palsy Thira Municipality Social Pharmacy - Agia Varvara Health Center - Rethymno General Hospital Heraklion General Hospital "Venizeleio-Pananeio" - Elderly Care Unit "Zesti Agalia" Guest house "Frodida - Hjem" for the elderly

Tanzania - Zanzibar island 

The Zanzibar Collection chain - 14 hotels - funds the clinic in their village. (Maternity)

32 hotels  

Hotels Chains




Updated September 24, 2021